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Exploring the American Civil War

ACW battlefiels at Antietam

Despite the fact that there was NO known Australian participation in the American Civil War it is non the less a piece of history that has had resounding effects on conflict in future campaigns as well as social and economic ideologies in the centuries since and well beyond the American Boarders.

In April 2014 we will have a 12 night 13 day programme commencing Sunday 27th ex Washington, visiting the Eastern Theatre Camapigns of the American Civil War

Despite the fact that these events occured  over a hundred and fifty years ago the stark images that we even now see are no less moving or poignant than those we would see in those taken during either World Wars, the Vietman War or any other conflict. To give you an idea of what those times were like take a look at this powerpoint slideshow that came to me from a fellow Battlefield Enthusiast from source unknown. USA_1861-1865 , was probably one of the earliest conflicts we could say was the dawn of modern warfare with a photographic and visual record.

Boer War 2014

Our 2014 Anglo-Zulu & Boer War Journey is now available!
Itinerary and flyer available , just click on the below postcard.
Please email or call for more details or to book in your place today!