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The Liberation of Singapore WWII

On the 12th September this year- 2017, it is the 72nd Anniversary of the Liberation of Singapore from the Japanese occupation that was between the 15th February 1942 to the day the Japanese Commander forcibly surrendered to the British – 12th September 1945.

There are many Australian servicemen still alive today from the terrible day the 15th February 1942 when they were forced to lay down their arms by the British General commanding “Fortress Singapore”. This visit is open to all ex servicemen and women along with their families, children and grandchildren.

This visit will operate between Saturday 9th and Friday 15th September – Battlefields of the World “Liberation” tour covering all the sites where action took place in those WWII days long ago.

The full itinerary will be posted in the next few weeks along with the land only cost, this will allow intending travellers to extend their stay if they wish, or travel pre the tour dates. We’ll also offer an extension to Thailand to enable a visit to the Thai – Burma Railway where many of the military prisoners from Singapore were taken to be forced labor on the Japanese railway, others were sent to North Borneo to build an airstrip. Out of more than 2,400 POW’s sent to Sandakan in North Borneo, only 6 survived to see the Japanese brought to justice.

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