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Cooper’s Last

To the readers of this web site I wish to introduce (or re-introduce) to you to one of the best qualified battlefield guides in the world – Graeme Cooper.

290bf15I’ve worked with “Coops” on the battle sites of the Western Front the Beaches of Normandy and his speciality Waterloo.  I’ve also walked the battlefields of the South African Zulu and Boer Wars on a “busman’s picnic tour” back in 2010 when we as members of the Guild of Battlefield Guides went to study those battles of 1879-80 and 1899-1902. 

“Coops” is a great fountain of knowledge and the best of story tellers, you can see what he describes before you look at the topography of the battle scene.  Sadly “Coops” will be escorting his last tour in 2018. This will be my great friends last field trip, as we are all putting on the years.  

If you want an exceptional guided Battlefield experience this is one you just can’t pass up !  For further information in Australia – New Zealand or Oceania please make contact with me (Dennis J Weatherall) at Battlefields of the World, by phone (+62 2) 9520 6023 or by email at:

Click Here for Tour Details

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