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Battlefields At A Glance

It is one thing to read about traversing the fields of Flanders, walking the beaches of Gallipoli, inching through the tunnels of Cu Chi, or exploring the sites of battlefields world over, and another to experience them first hand.

Sometimes the sites are deceptively ordinary, a field amongst many fields.  Other times the sites are imposing, filled with man made monoliths and constructions honouring the deceased, or are physically imposing due to their own natural geography.

In truth there is little that can bring home the true feeling of being at these hallowed places, listening to re-tellings of the experiences and events as recounting the past clashes with visions of the present.

If you have found your way to this page you are (we hope) a student of Military History of  some form or another and have some idea of what most of our tour descriptions, blog posts, flyers and articles talk about.  On this page we offer you a few glimpses from some of the many areas we have travelled .. France, Belgium, Britain, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and more, to perhaps help you envisage what you would see in joining one of our programmes.

Eventually on this page we will have a number of  galleries showing a few sample images of the places we visit and the groups we have led to places like Vietnam, South Africa, Gallipoli, the Western Front and More. For now enjoy our brief  preview sample.

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  1. osdweathers says:

    There is a growing interest by Australian’s in general to visit historic battlefields where their family members served and fought, especially from the Vietnam Veterans. Most are now into their 60’s and beyond and are taking the opportunity to take their adult children and even grand children to experience the new Vietnam. Further afield many grand children or even great grand children are making the journey to visit the battlefields of the Boer War. This August 11th come to Vietnam or if interested in visiting the sites of our first battles on foreign soil as Australian military then October 4th join us in South Africa.

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